Bypass GoDaddy’s Automated Phone Tree

By October 28, 2014Time Savers

Are you a Web Developer? If you are, there’s a good chance you’ve had to call GoDaddy before- either for your own account or most likely on behalf of one of your clients.

Recently, they updated their phone system so that when you call in, they automatically recognize your phone number and enter in your customer account so all you have to do is put in your call-in pin number. That’s great in theory, unless you are calling about a different account, which in my case is most of the time and then they have to step back out of the account and figure out why I called in the first place and revalidate the account I’m calling about. Not a big deal, but I end up calling them all the time since a majority of my clients are hosted with GoDaddy and I’m a huge fan of saving time any way I can.

A quick way to bypass GoDaddy’s automated phone system is to block your caller ID before you call in by dialingĀ *67 and then the number you want to dial. In case there’s a wait, I typically call in from my mobile phone so I can request a call-back instead of waiting on hold. That said- I changed GoDaddy’s contact information on my phone (iPhone on Verizon) from their default number, “(480) 505-8877” to, “*67 (480) 505-8877” so that my caller ID is blocked by default when I call them, but still shows up when I call other people. I suppose that would work for whomever you call- but in this case it eases the pain of having to wait that extra time for them to figure out that I’m not calling for my own account.